June 18, 2021


Cara Jessica Iskandar

Cara Termudah Untuk Membuat Nikmat Japanese milk bread Cara Jessica Iskandar

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Japanese milk bread Cara Jessica Iskandar.
The softest, & milkiest Japanese milk bread, that will make the best sandwiches or dinner rolls! Learn step by step how to make the perfect milk bread loaf. Milk bread (also known as Hokkaido milk bread) is a lightly-sweetened Japanese white bread that’s incredibly soft and fluffy.

It’s the perfect everyday loaf, from sandwiches to toast, and is one you need to try!

Classic Japanese Milk Bread recipe made with cream, milk, and an extra special something that makes it super soft, fluffy, and moist.

Stays fresh for days longer than regular bread.

Anda dapat membuat Japanese milk bread menggunakan 9 resep dan 6 langkah. Inilah cara Anda membuat itu.

Resep Untuk Membuat Japanese milk bread

  1. Anda membutuhkan 280 gram dari tepung cakra.

  2. Persiapkan 50 gram dari gula pasir.

  3. Persiapkan 1 sdt dari fermipan.

  4. Anda membutuhkan 30 gr dari susu bubuk.

  5. Kemudian 200 ml dari susu cair putih dingin.

  6. Persiapkan 40 gram dari butter.

  7. Kemudian dari Garam.

  8. Anda membutuhkan dari Filling (ceres, jam, nutella dll).

  9. Anda membutuhkan dari Pewarna makanan.

Making Japanese milk bread for a change.

The flavor of a good loaf, the cracking sound of biting into a freshly baked baguette, and the texture of the soft crumb is.

Soft as clouds, white as snow, Japanese milk bread is the tender everyday loaf we want to bake right now.

The precision required is an excellent excuse to buy a scale, but if you still want to measure out.

Cara Mebuat Japanese milk bread

  1. Ayak tepung terigu dan susu bubuk dalam 1 wadah, tambahkan fermipan dan gula pasir. Aduk rata.

  2. Tambahkan susu cair perlahan lahan dan uleni hingga adonan rata. Kemudian tambahkan butter dan garam. Uleni lagi hingga kalis.

  3. Bagi 4 adonan, kemudian warnai tiap bagian dg warna yg berbeda. Diamkan 30 menit ditutup serbet hingga adonan mengembang..

  4. Setelah itu bagi 3 atau 4 adonan masing2 warna. Pipihkan adonan, isi dengan filling, bulatkan kembali. Kemudian tata dibloyang 24 x24 yg telah dialasi kertas roti.

  5. Panaskan oven 150 dercel. Adonan yg telah ditata diatas loyang ditaburi dg tepung terigu. Kemudian masukkan ke dalam oven..

  6. Panggang selama 25 menit. Kemudian sajikan.

Japanese milk bread (also known as Hokkaido milk bread) is known for it’s distinct slightly sweet flavor and soft interior.

The secret to this fluffy milk bread is it’s use of a starter (water roux).

Japanese milk bread is a soft, enriched bread with a signature springy texture that comes from Love homemade bread, but wish you could enjoy that soft, fresh-from-the-oven taste and texture the.

Also called Japanese Milk Bread, this milk bread is made very differently and is very moist and also has a light, fluffy and slightly chewy texture.

These Japanese milk bread rolls are pillowy soft and fluffy and stay that way for days without any preservatives by using a technique known as the tangzhong method.