Pipe Dreams – The Quirky world of Plumbers

So you’re knee high in water cursing your clogged kitchen sink. What’s that? The toilet refuses to flush. Ugh, plumbing problems. It’s like your house has played a cruel joke. Luckily, Plumbers in San Diego, CA are there to help us out in any household crisis. Ever wondered how they live? Strap yourself in; let’s go!

The plumbing experts aren’t simply going to show up at your door with a set of pipes and a toolbox. You’ll find a lot more than you think. Imagine the plumbers working behind-the-scenes at a music concert. They literally make the show go on.

Imagine Bob, your local plumber. Bob has seen everything – from minor pipe leaks in middle of the evening to major pipe breaks that rival Niagara Falls. Bob does more than fix pipes. He saves your carpet by preventing it from becoming a temporary lake. He has some stories that are sure to make your hair stand. It was like the time he found an entire family of raccoons hiding in someone’s drain system. True story!

Sometimes they are dealing with old plumbing in an ancient home. Sometimes it’s

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