You can improve the Quality of Your Paintings in 5 Ways

Even experienced artists get stuck sometimes while they are working. You lack inspiration and can’t get the painting to look finished without it looking overworked. It often takes some time to finally see that this is the painting you have been looking for. Here are The Tingology ways that you can enhance the look of your wall art whether it is in a classical style or an abstract one.

1. Making it Simple

It isn’t necessary to overload your canvas or use too many hues of color in order to produce a masterpiece. For a contemporary piece to be professional, it doesn’t have to include too many details. It’s easy to remember the “Black Square,” a painting by Kazimir Malevich. It is impossible to get the audience’s attention if the information overload.

2. Mixed media

The art materials you use will give you new ideas. For instance, mix gouache in with watercolors. Artwork will have many different transparency levels and look more vibrant and fresh. India inks and acrylics work well together. Alternatively, you can draw using dry pastels on the edges of a painted object. The viewer will find it interesting to see a painted object with an embedded drawing.

3. It is a rhythm.

It is an art form to create a rhythm on the canvas using different patterns. To make your viewer’s gaze dance, you need to follow this basic principle. The theory is that music helps you create rhythm. Why not give it a go?

4. Unfinished look

If you want to make your art more magical, don’t finish certain parts. Simply leave the unfinished areas and have your viewers guess what is meant. If you allow the paint to drip, it will create the same effect, by emphasizing the fact that this is a piece made by human hands, with a process of painting that preceded the end result.

5. Add contrast

It is best to use complimentary colors in order to create the most contrast. This will also make your painting more attractive. Also, contrast should be used in the value to get a good result. In addition to adding drama, this technique also allows for a spectacular play of light and colors. These paintings evoke an emotional response from viewers. If you want to get the best results, use contrast in your paintings.

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